Chapter Two

Although the world of cabinet construction meant the majority of days were the same with little changes here and there. I knew that this career wasn’t for me early on but saw it as a good opportunity to move into the drawing office and to get involved in the CAD side of construction, unfortunately this position never appeared.

I’m not sure when the idea came to me but I had decided on the following 3 options.

  1. Stay in a job I didn’t enjoy with little prospects
  2. Join the RAF, something I’d thought about since school
  3. Return to college and pursue a career in IT

I browsed the local colleges website and found an IT course that fit the bill for me (As a mature student I basically had free choice over which course I wanted to do.) A few days before the course was due to start I received an phone call saying the course wasn’t running and I had been offered a position on a similar but harder IT course.

HND Business Computing

I remember my first proper assignment (Speccing a new computer room for a school) The assignment seemed pretty simple, but having not been in a classroom for over 5 years it was a steep learning curve. The 3 pages I returned wasn’t appreciated by the lecturer and guided me to improving my answer and handing in a decent paper. The next year was quite a struggle for me, I had underestimated how difficult the course would be.

I spent the majority of the first summer holiday rewriting a few of my assignments so I could return for the second year (safe to say I made it back) the second year the course focused on the more practical side of IT (SQL database and web design) The second year of the course went a lot smoother for me SQL didn’t really interest me either way assignments passed, friends made, college finished.



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