Part 3

So 2 years later I had done a HND in business computing was mine!! Finally I could pursue a career in IT, after all how hard could it be?

I had the qualification, but one area I was lacking was experience (can’t get experience without the job, but can’t get a job without experience) While applying for IT helpdesk positions I had the idea of delivering my CV to a few local school to see if they needed any volunteers for the summer months.

Luckily the high school I attended called me up for a brief interview and I was offered a summer position in the IT department at the school, this was great and I couldn’t wait to start. The team was brilliant and I really enjoyed helping out the staff and making sure all systems were ready for the following school year.

Unfortunately the new school year soon came around and I was no longer needed at the school, although I did now have some all important IT experience.

Not wanting to be out of work and a keen cyclist I started working in a local bike shop while I continued my pursuit of a career in IT.


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