Episode 4

After a year in the bike shop applying for pretty much every IT support position in the local area, I was handed a job specification by my brother. He worked for the company as had my dad before him, so hopefully continuing the family tradition would help.

I tweaked my CV and hand delivered it the next day (I still remember it like it was yesterday) After a week or so I got the call I’d been waiting for. A 2 stage interview first, with some of my future colleeges and if lucky a second interview with the IT manager. Even though I came across a little nervous and panicked I was lucky to be offered the job. 

I arrived for my first day suited and booted, introduced to my own desk ,computer and the all important help desk phone, before I knew it I was fixing broken printers and transfering data between old and new laptops. As the months rolled by I was learning new skills almost daily, SharePoint administrator, server backups and I had created a documentation system that allowed me to keep track of the laptops I was updating.

Chasing my goal had started to pay off.
Episode 4.1

The department was split into two sections (infrastructure and development, been helpdesk support I was mainly infrastructure)

Unfortunately one of the site’s was closing and all staff would be moved to the other, a number of developers decided not to make the move. As I’m always looking to improve my skills I approached the IT manager and asked if I could make the jump to the development side,  a couple of days later it was decided I’d become a support developer to the remaining developers while also helping with the helpdesk.

A few courses later (SQL,SSRS,SSIS and SSAS) and a couple of years I was really enjoying the challenge of improving the reports throughout the company and producing some new ones of my own. The company had gone through the process of implementing a new CRM system, where I helped with a bit of administration work. My biggest contribution came with the development of a new reporting suite that would allow CRM users to access all relevant reports and dashboards with minimal effort. The reports and CRM were a great success and appreciated by all users

The analysts of the company spent a considerable amount of time each month creating a dashboard/report file in excel by extracting data from the database. The idea to replace this with a streamlined report was originally created by one of the directors who shortly after left the company, so with the help of the analysists and the sales team manager I began building a SSRS report that would pull all the needed information from different data sources and create a properly formatted PDF document that could be produced instantly and could be shared to directors, sales team and other members of staff throughout the company.  This was another great project and something I really enjoyed working on.

About 6 months later Microsoft released POWERBI, which looked amazing! It allowed dashboards and reports to be created from pretty much any data source imaginable, the reports would be dynamic and react to the end users needs instantly, myself and a couple of the team started to look at POWERBI as the next step in the companies reporting suite and began building example reports using existing SQL queries or SSAS cubes, the majority of access to the reports could be controlled via Microsoft active directory and could be accessed almost anywhere with an internet connection.

Although I was looking forward to getting more involved in the new world of POWERBI I was offered a new challenge and opportunity so never continued the creation of the new POWERBI reporting suite.

More to follow…


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