I love it when a plan comes together!

Over the past week or so I’ve been looking at creating a simple to use SFTP procedure for downloading certain files. While the theory was pretty simple getting (take file from here, place it here). SSIS and the SFTP application to work together was where the challenge was.

I’ve​ used SSIS and FTPs in the past but never together (who doesn’t like a challenge) a little help from a colleague and a bit from Google I was on my way. Now even with all the above help there’s always something missing, the problem this time was a missing space in the script file that caused the FTP process to fail, once this problem was fixed I was happy and feeling triumphant!!!

A similar situation happened when I was altering the process to pull data from a server, everything is the same apart from a bit of text in the script file basically needs flipping around. This was the only bit of code that needed changing yet the process still wouldn’t work the script ran fine (as you can test it manually) so it must of been the FTP process, after tracing steps I found the culprit an incorrect link to the log file. After fixing the link, yet again the feeling of success was welcomed yet again.




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