5 is the magic number

My new position has seen me moving to a new company within a different industry, and a new city in an environment where my skills are thriving and improving pretty much everyday.

Was making the move the correct choice? (In a word, yes.) while in my previous position I was the go to report developer, which I really enjoyed but there is more to been a Business Intelligence Developer than just creating SSRS reports.  Luckily we have a great reporting solution already, this allows me to use and improve my skills in SSIS, SQL, learning the new systems, and improving my interpersonal skills.

This is because the majority of campaigns are linked to different customers who liaise with customer services and IT and to ensure everything runs smoothly, there are many different aspects to setting up a campaign so keeping an eye on all areas is a bit of a challenge (a good one though) a great team and a bit of project management helps things run a lot smoother.

One day I can be setting up a solution to download and load new data using SSIS and the next I can be creating a report in SSRS, with a bit of testing in between.

Everyday is different, and thats good.

Now where did I put my kindle…..


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