Snakes on a Computer

I’ve started to teach myself Python as it looks like a good fit for the Business Intelligence world. Even more as Microsoft will now be supporting Python in the future releases of SQL server.

A week in and I’ve read the following books.

Learn Python in a day and master it well and the similarly titled, Learn python in one day and learn it well. Both cover the majority of the language and include a few code samples here and there. These books (along with my existing knowledge) helped me to understand what Python could be used for and I can’t wait to start building useful programs with it.

I’ve moved onto Learn Python the Hard Way this is a book (free online) that teaches by getting you to code (pretty much every page has some code) this is great as you learn to type the syntax and make your own mistakes, also it allows you to tweak the code a little bit to see what difference the changes would make.

The plan is to create a Python script that will modify the contents of an excel / csv file to format the telephone numbers so that the leading 0’s are included, and to add a couple of columns to the start of the file and populate these with certain details (shouldn’t be too hard)

Once the background script is done ideally I’d like to create a front end for the program, something that will make it easier for the end user.

So far so good..


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