All my life I’ve had an interest in computers and IT. From teaching myself to code QBasic and building my first website using Microsoft Frontpage to creating Business Intelligence Solutions using a combination of SQL, SSRS and PowerBI.

Been highly motivated has helped me to get where I am in my career, I enjoy learning and improving my skills set.

For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted a Nissan GTR, I’m not sure why as its highly impractical for what I do in my spare time (Cycling, and Golf mainly) It’s craziness makes me smile every time I see one, so owning one would put a permanentĀ smile on my face.

I’ve come a long way in the last 5 years although and always trying to push my skills, the planĀ is to improve my in the SQL world (Administration, BI development) and looking into learning a new language (Python is looking like an early leader as it goes hand in hand with BI) hopefully this skill set will point me in the right direction to achieve my goal.

I read somewhere that writing down what you’ve learnt helps you remember it easier, so this is what the blog is for and to share my adventures in data with everyone and hopefully help someone with their personal goals.

So hope you enjoy.