Hello World!

Hello World

I started learning to code when I was about 14/15, I had got a Vtech laptop the Christmas before (this thing was basic, and had a few features including a QBasic compiler) the help guide had a few basic programs, just enough to spike my interest.

Luckily there was a few old battered QBasic books hiding away in the school library, these books allowed me to improve my coding skills  I created a password protected structure and also a very basic AI program that would reply with preset answers depending on the questions asked. (This was very basic coding)

I believe the laptop I was working with finally died on me and brought about the end of my first foray into the world of coding.

A year or so later it was time to pick my GSCEs now having a love of computers IT was probably my first choice (Followed by Art, and science). Unfortunately IT when I was doing my GCSE’s involved creating Microsoft Publisher and word documents crammed with clipart and some sort of layout, and included a lot of analysis of documents created in word. (Memos, purchase orders etc etc.) This put me off quite a lot and I struggled with the first year.  From what I remember the second year was pretty similar, more analysis of documents and no coding whatsoever.

Luckily we had got a new family computer which had Microsoft Front Page installed. This was brilliant, the internet had started to gain traction and I had built my first website by the time I was 16. I can still imagine it now, it had a games review, news and dating section all the graphics where created in CorelDraw and uploaded to a free domain. I can even remember testing the site at school to make sure it worked properly, something I got told off for by my IT teacher at the time. Unfortunately this wasn’t something that could be used towards my IT grades at the time.

I often wonder if web design was part of the curriculum then I may have made it to university instead of going into an woodworking apprenticeship straight after 6th form.

To be continued…